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The Eastern side of the building (the previous part used as the 'Knockholt Club' was built in the 1800's with several later changes. The main part of the building housing the hall, committee rooms and kitchen was rebuilt in the early 1970's. By about 2010, the building was known to be in need of a major update. Areas known to require attention included the roofing, electrics, plumbing and heating and windows.

Several years ago, the trustees tried very hard to build a totally new building which would have incorporated several features felt desirable by the village at large. The decision was made to rebuild as the cost of refurbishment was felt to be disproportionately large. However, in the event, the trustees failed to raise enough interest within the village or money to contemplate the rebuild and therefore the idea of refurbishment was reopened leading to the current projects.

The Refurbishment Project

The size and cost of the overall project has dictated that it be broken into three phases:

Phase1 is to convert the old 'club' end of the building for occupation by the Rainbow pre-school. The timescale for this is driven by the hope to occupy these premises by September 2018. This project incorporates the re-roofing of this end of the building, the internal fit-out and changes to windows and doors. This phase incorporates the creation of a 'Plant Room' to house utility supplies especially replacement gas boilers to serve the two parts of the building separately.

Phase 2 is the re-roofing of the remainder of the building and the changes to the external appearance at the front.

Phase 3 is the internal changes to the western end of the building including the glazing of the Northern end of the main hall to radically improve the daylight to the hall. This phase also incorporates an additional meeting room in the foyer, a disabled toilet, dry and wet sports lockers and additional storage facilities. Plans for this phase are not yet finalised.

The outline plans and various photos may be seen by clicking below

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